Coldplay Impresses BTS Fans? Here's How Chris Martin Showed His Work Ethic Through 'My Universe' Documentary

On September 26, BTS and Coldplay recently posted a video titled “Inside My Universe,” where they openly shared to their fans what it’s like working on their new collaboration single.

The 13-minute clip posted on BTS’ official YouTube channel “BANGTANTV” began with Chris Martin discussing the song’s origins and how he was approached for the collaboration. According to Billboard, the short documentary featured interviews with members of BTS, the Coldplay frontman, and their in-studio footage of their recording process.

“About 18 months ago, I got a message from somebody. They said, ‘BTS want to do a song with you,'” Martin says at the start of the video. “And I said, ‘How would that work?’ I didn’t understand how that could be possible.”

Chris Martin’s Sincerity

Many fans in social media applaud Chris Martin for being genuine with the song “My Universe” and even called it a “wholesome” interaction that the South Korean group deserved to partner with.

The clip also showed the time when the “king of stadium tours” and “role model” Martin traveled to South Korea for their first meeting with the boys. He did not even stop complimenting them while they were recording inside the booth because of their vocals and lyric making.

More of their discussion was also revealed where RM, BTS’ leader, was impressed with the “Fix You” singer by saying, “I think he likes the idea that a band like us can be so popular globally, I could tell he did a lot of research.”

More of these heartwarming interactions include Martin attempting to sing V’s part in Korean, laughing over SUGA’s mumbles, and also the eight of them circling the mic to sing the chorus.

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All The Love, From ARMYs

As soon as BigHit Music dropped the clip, numerous fans already left their comments about how nice Chris Martin approached the boys and appreciated them with a good heart until the very last minute they came together.

Really love how Chris Martin showed respect, appreciation and praise for BTS as artists. Their music, who they are as people, paying close attention to how they work, what their message is, seeing their impact for what it is. Not once downplaying their achievements.

— fatima (@fatimafarha_) September 26, 2021


Just like this one tweet from an ARMY, they claimed that there should be no excuse for journalists to take their time to get to know the septet, while Chris Martin could do so.

if chris martin of one of the biggest and busiest bands in the world can take the time to learn the names of bts, learn abt their ethics, music production and lyrics then there is literally zero excuse for journos who cant do that when they r literally paid to do that

— zazz₇ 💜 (@TanniesOwnMe) September 26, 2021

And much recently, many have also appreciated these artists for being respectful enough to collaborate with the boys. It applied to Coldplay and Megan Thee Stallion, who recently teamed with them for “Butter” Remix.

Between Megan going to court to collab with the tannies and Chris Martin flying to Korea & quarantining for two weeks to collab with them & record in the studio with them, I’m very thankful for these artists for embracing the boys and genuinely respecting them & their work

— MY UNIVERSE ⁷ (@jmstaehyungie) September 26, 2021


In much recent news, Coldplay recently performed the new single on Global Citizen Live, with his stunning setlist including “My Universe,” “Fix You,” and “Viva la Vida.” BTS was also there all the way from South Korea and performed “Permission to Dance” and “Butter.”

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