CL Unloads the ‘Treasure’ of 2NE1’s Unreleased Song, There is a Collaboration with Justin Bieber

Hit Songs Popularized by 2NE1 became public attention in their time, but CL made a scene again because she shared a single that was not released before the group disbanded.
Keeping a secret of a work for a musician usually will not be revealed considering a group has disbanded. But it doesn’t seem to apply to CL, who recently leaked about the single that her girl group, 2NE1, had not released before disbanding.

On Wednesday (20/10), right before the release of CL’s first full-length album “ALPHA”, she had time to sit down to greet her fans for a live countdown event via TikTok. Not only talking about the album, CL also leaked something that really surprised fans.

CL shared snippets of some of the unreleased songs and some of the remixes she is currently working on. He also shared unreleased snippets of songs such as 2NE1’s hit song “I Am The Best” featuring Justin Bieber. Listening to this song, 2NE1 fans immediately gathered and showed their enthusiasm for the song that has become worldwide.

Many regretted not releasing the song “I Am The Best” in collaboration with Justin Bieber, the world’s top singer, which of course will be a series of brilliant achievements throughout 2NE1’s career. In fact, when “I Am The Best” which was released in 2011 it skyrocketed in the market. Moreover, at that time the K-Pop industry was on its way to internationalism. By collaborating with Justin Bieber’s class, fans feel guilty the song was never released.

It turned out that not only that, the song “Hello Bitches” also featured MIA which was originally supposed to be called “Asian Bitches”, then there was “One and Only” featuring Chris Brown and “Let It” performed by former 2NE1 members themselves, Park Bom and Sandara. Parks.

Meanwhile, fans couldn’t hide their excitement when they heard snippet after snippet. “All these songs are fantastically amazing. Now, this will be the most epic performance ever,” commented netizens. “Omg!! Unreleased songs are too good! YG should be responsible for this,” another netizen commented. “CL with Chris Brown!!!! 2NE1 with Bieber!! Please release all that!” other netizen comments.