Chronology of Fan Anger, Lisa BLACKPINK Banned from Appearing in Paris

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Bvlgari and YG Entertainment’s decision to cancel BLACKPINK’s Lisa appearance in Paris, including the Paris Fashion Week event, made fans angry.

Fans were infuriated when BLACKPINK’s Lisa canceled her appearance at events including Paris Fashion Week to represent luxury jewelry manufacturer Bvlgari.
This was decided after Lisa and other BLACKPINK members arrived in Paris. Lisa’s decision to not appear was announced directly by the CEO of Bvlgari.

Bvlgari claimed that the decision was taken on the advice of the agency that oversees BLACKPINK’s Lisa.

Bvlgari CEO Calls Lisa BLACKPINK Banned from Participating in Paris Events
“Our ambassador @lalalalisa_m is in Europe. Unfortunately due to the Covid [pandemic], his agency prefers that he does not participate in events or shows,” wrote Jean Cristophe Babin on his personal Instagram, Tuesday (5/10).

At first, Lisa will undergo a photo shoot with a series of Hollywood celebrities such as Zendaya, Lily Aldrige, and Vittoria.

Lisa and the BLACKPINK members were previously reported to have left Korea and arrived in France to attend the 2021 Paris Fashion Week fashion show.

Bvlgari CEO Jean Cristophe Babin, who claims to be close friends with Lisa, said that he would cooperate in the future.

This decision made a number of Lisa’s fans angry, and demanded justice from the YG Entertainment agency.

The reason is, the other three BLACKPINK members can still participate in events representing fashion brands other than Bvlgari.

Netizens echo the hashtag #YGLetLisaDoHerWork and the slogan Justice for Lisa on social media.

Netizens protested against YG Entertainment as the agency that houses Lisa and other BLACKPINK members. They asked YG to immediately clarify Lisa’s decision to be banned from appearing in Paris.

“Mrs. Hwang Bo-kyung, the new CEO of YG Entertainment, come out and talk to us.” said a netizen.

BLINKs or fans of BLACKPINK called YG Entertainment unfair in treating the members, and questioned Lisa’s presence in Paris at this time.

Lisa herself has recently been busy with her two solo debut songs, LALISA and MONEY. The two solo songs received a standing ovation from fans.

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