BTS Would possibly Be Very Lonely and Exhausted Due to How Onerous They Work, Okay-Pop Veteran Speculates

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BTS wears black suits on the red carpet

Working in the music industry isn’t always easy, especially when an artist is as popular as BTS. The members of BTS often make their jobs look easy, but one K-pop veteran speculates that they’re likely dealing with a lot of loneliness and exhaustion – something many fans don’t get to see.

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How BTS became an international sensation

BTS debuted under Big Hit Entertainment (now known as HYBE) in June 2013. The group was marketed as a hip hop group that made music for their generation. The members of BTS are very involved in songwriting, and the group’s music often touches on issues like mental health and societal expectations – things that many young people in South Korea and the world can relate to.

In 2015, BTS was a big hit with South Korean songs like “I Need You” and “Run”. BTS gained international attention two years later when the group won a Billboard Music Award.

Since then, BTS has been recognized as a global phenomenon. The group currently has two singles that are number one on the Billboard Hot 100: “Dynamite” and “Butter”. In 2020, BTS even received its first Grammy nomination.

A former K-pop idol believes BTS is very lonely and exhausted

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The BTS members are doing very well. However, you are likely struggling with loneliness and exhaustion, says Tony An, the member of legendary K-pop group HOT. is

“The exhaustion must be unimaginable for BTS,” said An, according to Koreaboo, in an interview with the Korean news agency DongA. “There is physical exhaustion. BTS’s schedule is likely full. You may not be traveling much at the moment because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but in general … Working without borders around the world can put a strain on your physical condition. “

They also shared that being a popular K-pop idol can be a lonely experience, especially because their movements are restricted.

“Yes, it is a great honor to be loved and celebrated … but that comes with a great loneliness,” said An. “If you think about it, where could you go? For me, loneliness felt easier because I am not too well known outside of Asia and I was able to get away. But for BTS, they probably don’t even have that much freedom. And without freedom … it’s tough. People need freedom. “

BTS says being famous comes with a lot of pressure being famous

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While BTS likes to show fans the positive side of itself, the members have occasionally opened up about the negative aspects of fame. Something they talk about a lot is the pressure they work under.

Speaking to Paper Magazine in 2019, members revealed that they are under pressure to be perfect with their work.

For example, Jimin said: “I always think that I have to show a performance that is at least approximately perfect for anyone who sees our performance.”

Jungkook also feels the pressure to do its best in everyday life.

“When something I said or did caused a problem or disappointed people, it became clear to me that I should think twice before doing anything and not forget where I am, whatever the situation I am in” he announced.