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BTS still has to serve in the military even though many disagree, netizens are very disappointed

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The Korean Ministry of National Defense affirms that BTS is not included in the category that is eligible for military exemption. Many Netizens Are Disappointed With This Decision.
BTS (Bangtan Boys) certainly will not get military exemption. However, the group was able to continue their group activities until next year as all the members requested a suspension of military service.

Previously, the National Assembly decided to include individuals in the fields of popular culture and arts who contributed to the promotion of national status and dignity to be included in the benefit of their postponement of registration.

This Amendment to the Military Service Act allows BTS to delay their military service until the age of 30 because they received the Hwagwan Order of Cultural Merit, which is the 5th grade cultural award order in 2018. Most Korean men must enlist at the age of 28.

But on November 25, representatives from the country’s defense ministry stated in the national assembly that a more inclusive definition of the terms arts and sports personnel requires further review of various social aspects and public consensus.
As a result, Korea’s national assembly failed to reach a consensus on expanding the military’s exemption measure to include popular culture artists. So, BTS is not included in the category that deserves military exemption.

Many netizens are against the decision of the Korean Ministry of National Defense because BTS has contributed so much to the country. However, because Jin et al had confirmed that they would be enlisting in the military, netizens asked people not to make a fuss about this issue anymore.

“They got the Daesang in the United States this time, right? It’s a shame, but I think we can set a new standard, they are the ones who promote our country through their music activities. So I think they deserve to be released from military service,” commented a netizen.

“BTS and their fans said they would enlist, but others think they want to be released from military service,” added another netizen. “I don’t know much about BTS, but seeing how they promote national prestige, I think they did much better than some Korean diplomats,” wrote a netizen.

“In any case, Jin will enlist next year. I don’t think there will be singers who can be compared to BTS in the future, so the controversy about the release of artists from military service will not arise in the future,” said another. “I still think that they should be released from military service,” concluded another.