BTS members plan to be ‘Bangtan Papas or Bangtan Grandpas’ 20-30 years later: ‘That is what we would like’

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BTS members plan to be 'Bangtan Papas or Bangtan Grandpas' 20-30 years later: 'That's what we want'

BTS members revealed their future plans when asked about the legacy the K-pop group would like to leave and whether they would like to see themselves perform together 10-20-30 years later. RM, aka Kim Nam-joon, said that they introduce themselves as “Bangtan Papas or Bangtan Grandpas or something … 20-30 years later”. BTS stands for Bangtan Boys.

The K-pop band attended an Amazon Music live stream event and had a chat with host Jaeki Cho, who asked them about their future plans. In addition to RM, BTS includes Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook.

“We have exceeded the so-called 7-year limit, we just had our 8th anniversary. We imagine that we can actually be, @BTS_twt stands for Bangtan Boys and we have plans that we can be Bangtan Papas or Bangtan Grandpas. Maybe 20/30 years later. That’s what we want. BTP Let’s go. ”

– BTS Press⁷ (@BTSPressData) July 8, 2021

When asked, V replied: “First and foremost, if our health allows it. I think it all depends on our physical condition when that time comes. “Jimin added,” I’m honestly not sure we can handle dancing. ” V then said, “If we could just sit on the sofa, that would be great.” The other members also began to discuss that in 30 years they will be 60 years old.

RM said, “But our name (BTS) itself means the possibility of change at any time,” and V added, “But doesn’t ‘So-nyum (boy)’ mean that we have to maintain the youthful image?” RM added, “We will eventually have to embrace the change.” Suga said, “We’d just have to play as a band and play instruments.”

Jungkook then added to the discussion, “I’m not sure about dancing, but I would definitely like to keep singing.” V said: “Maybe when the time comes and new artists come, I would play the brass in the background.” Suga said: “We have to research how we can stay musicians in the long term.”

In summary, RM said, “We are talking here because we want to do this for a long time and for the long term. We have exceeded the so-called seven-year limit, we have just had our eighth anniversary. We imagine that. ”We can actually be, the BTS stands for Bangtan Boys and we have plans that we can be Bangtan Papas or Bangtan Grandpas or something. Maybe 20-30 years later. This is what we want. BTP, let’s go. “

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Meanwhile, BTS recently spoiled fans with the teaser of their new song Permission to Dance. Also, Billboard announced that the band’s final release, Butter, stayed # 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for the sixth straight week. You will be featured on NBC’s The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on July 13th and 14th. According to Variety, the band will present the US television debut of Permission to Dance on July 13th.


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