BTS Jin And Jungkook’s Similar Preferences Are Proof That Jin Helped Raise Jungkook

They don’t always agree, but they often do!

BTS‘s Jin and Jungkook have an incredibly endearing relationship that fans can’t help but love. Given that Jin is the eldest member of BTS and Jungkook is the youngest, fans often joke that Jin helped raise Jungkook and, in doing so, taught him a few habits.

This idea of Jin helping shape Jungkook’s character by always looking after him has come further to light with BTS’s new short series “MBTI Lab” on their official YouTube channel.

In the series, the BTS members discuss their most recent MBTI results and have playful debates with each other to further show off their personalities and opinions to fans.

But they share a lot of the same opinions as well.

Although, notably, not all their opinions are the same. For instance, when saying whether or not they’d greet an injured friend with “Do you have insurance,” they couldn’t understand each other’s preferences.

With Jungkook thinking it was most important first to ask how your friend was doing. And Jin arguing that given how important having insurance is, that should be your focus.

But they certainly share a lot of the same opinions. Like both Jin and Jungkook have an immense dislike of talking on the phone.

And while they initially disagreed about how they would respond to a friend who was questioning their job, with Jin telling them to mind their own business.

And Jungkook saying he’d ask his friend for clarification.

But when all the members agreed to clarify that the question referred to when they were trainees with an uncertain future, Jin’s answer changed to be similar to Jungkook’s. Both agreed that they would ask their friend about their worries, wanting to have more clarity.

And they both quickly agreed that if they cooked for a friend and the food turned out poorly, they would want their friend to be honest with them. Jin and Jungkook argued that they couldn’t improve their cooking if they didn’t have honest feedback.
They are also two of the three members, with Jimin, who would immediately talk to a friend who was upset with them.
And Jungkook clarifies that it’s not confrontational if you go about asking in the right way.

And when asked about making plans, both Jin and Jungkook are pretty equally spontaneous. They both agreed that when it comes to making plans in a group, they prefer to be the one who just goes along with whatever the others decide.

And that when they have a day off and time to do what they’d want, they decide on their destination in advance but wouldn’t plan anything beyond that.

Jin: I’d just decide on the destination.

Jungkook: Me too.

Jin: It doesn’t matter if it’s open or closed.

RM: But if it’s closed you’re gonna go somewhere else.

Jungkook: Then I get in the car and look up on my phone again.

Although both Jin and Jungkook revealed several of their differences during “MBTI Lab,” it’s also clear that they do have very similar tendencies, which absolutely can be attributed to how much time they’ve spent together.

By ayunda