BTS Company Takes Authorized Motion Towards Creators of ‘Malicious Postings’

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The BTS agency Hybe has officially taken legal action against “perpetrators of malicious postings” directed against the currently most popular K-Pop group.

Hybe (formerly Big Hit Entertainment), which made a number of high profile changes at the executive level yesterday, only recently detailed its criticism-focused legal action. According to that direct message, the South Korea-based company (and especially its Big Hit Music division) “regularly initiates legal proceedings against perpetrators of malicious activities related to BTS, including malicious criticism, disseminating baseless information, sexual harassment, personal assault and defamation. “

As a result, the document serves as an update of these longstanding efforts and not as an indication of a starting point for legal action, continues the text. The company has filed “criminal charges” for alleged damage to its reputation (under Section 70 of the South Korean Information Promotion Act) and for offense (under Section 311 of the South Korean Criminal Code).

The nuances of these complaints remain unclear, and Big Hit Music on the front line stated that “we may not be able to release further details or comment on pending cases to ensure the perpetrators can be identified and the investigations remain confidential.” However, the company also announced that it had acted specifically against perpetrators who repeatedly published or distributed malicious responses and writings that transcend the boundaries of socially acceptable expression in online communities, blogs and social media.

For reference, Article 311 of the Criminal Code (as translated by the Korea Legislation Research Institute) reads: “A person who publicly insults another person is no longer punished with imprisonment or imprisonment for no more than a year or a fine than two million won ”or about $ 1,769 at the current exchange rate. But Article 312, for its part, states that Articles 308 to 311 “will only be prosecuted on appeal”.

The Hybe subsidiary noted that even staying the proceedings due to uncertainty about a defendant’s address did not overturn a lawsuit that simply continued “after the offender was new”. identified. “

In addition, in cases “in which the criminal complaint was concluded with a conviction”, according to Hybe / Big Hit Music, we have “filed further civil damages suits”. And just in case the threat of criminal prosecution and potentially costly civil lawsuit isn’t enough to deter potential BTS critics from posting online, the company concluded by reiterating that all die-hard BTS ARMY are encouraged to “get the new BIGHIT.” use”. Legal hotline MUSIC “, [email protected]To “Submit information about BIGHIT MUSIC artists.”

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