BTS’ ‘Butter’ Logs Third Week Atop Japan Scorching 100

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NEWS bow to # 2 this week with Beautiful, which sold 141,296 copies to get # 1 on the metric. The Johnny’s boyband’s latest single also made its search and Twitter mentions thanks to its loyal fans, but failed to score enough on other metrics to keep Butter at bay.

YOASOBI’s new track “Sangenshoku” (“Three Primary Colors”) debuted at No. 4 on the Japan Hot 100. After its release on July 2, the song was downloaded 49,769 times in the three days it had that chart week, No. 1 for the metric.

Meanwhile, the English-language version of the breakout duo’s monster hit “Yoru ni kakeru” – called “Into The Night” – was released on the same day and is counted as the same song in a different language. The former number 1 hit climbs 12: 5 on the Japan Hot 100 after rising 23: 2 for downloads, 6: 2 for streaming and returning to number 21 from outside the ranking for Twitter. YOASOBI has three songs in the top 10 again after a five-week break.

The Billboard Japan Hot 100 combines physical and digital sales, audio streaming, radio airplay, Twitter mentions, YouTube and GYAO! Video views, Gracenote lookups and karaoke data.

The full Billboard Japan Hot 100 chart from June 28th to July 4th is available here.


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