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BTS Argues Fierce Butt Issues, Argues RM et al Makes Laughing Seriously

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BTS Plays A Game Where The Members Are Sprayed With Water If They Say Certain Words. The Topic Is Ass, Should It Count As One Or Two.

The heated debate over the butt issue is one or two frequent occurrences in K-Pop. BTS (Bangtan Boys) became the latest group to debate this issue in the latest episode of “Run BTS!”.

In this episode, BTS played a game where the members were sprayed with water if they said certain words. This time, the topic is about the butt, whether it should count as one or two.

Jin and Jungkook firmly believe that butts are two. Meanwhile J-Hope also seems to agree with them, and Jungkook thinks this is his chance to explain why.

Jungkook’s explanation didn’t stop making the members laugh. Overall, the “golden maknae” felt that, “There are two buttocks. Right butt and left butt.”

Although Suga agrees with Jungkook’s idea of ​​right and left buttocks, he believes that butt is one. “There’s a left and a right butt, but when you look at it as a whole, it’s one. The butt should count as one.”

If that wasn’t funny enough, Jin and Jungkook started to explain in great detail with some dubious hand gestures. Jin also added that if you think it’s one, then you only have one leg. It’s quite reasonable.

RM (Rap Monster), with his intelligence, approaches the topic from a linguistic point of view. “I always tell you this. A piece of watermelon, what do you call a rolled snowball now? A big hunk of snowball, the brothers’ butts say they are one,” he said.

After getting the excited Jin and Suga to stop their sparring, it was time for V to give his view that butt is only one, and also have a very detailed reason why. “Because his ass split in the middle, but still one bulge,” he said.

Even BTS’s Jimin associates the idea of ​​having two ass with having two noses. He then explained using a protective mask that they were connected together despite having two bottoms.

In the end, after V changed his mind and thought it was two, the group continued to split. RM, Suga, and Jimin still believe in one butt, the others still insist that the butt is two.