A Post On Instiz Community Site Highlights Lisa’s Body Shape. Along with this post, several photos and gifs are included, one of which is a photo when Lisa poses facing the sea.

Not only beautiful and talented, BLACKPINK’s Lisa (Black Pink) also has a body shape that makes many people jealous. Even recently, netizens named the “LALISA” singer as a female idol with the best body shape.
A post on the Instiz community site highlights Lisa’s body shape. The netizen who published the post wrote, “I think Lisa has the best body among female idols… (My personal opinion).”

“Her face is small, her waist is slim, her arms and legs are long and thin, but her hips and shoulders fit her figure so she looks cool and beautiful,” continued the netizen.
Along with this post, the netizen also included several photos and gifs featuring Lisa, one of which was a photo of her posing facing the sea and her back to the camera. This post also reaped comments from other netizens.
“BLACKPINK members all have good bodies, I’m very jealous of them,” commented netizens. “Lisa doesn’t look like a human body, she looks like CG,” said another netizen. “He has a western aura, the proportions are ideal,” said another.
“I think Lisa’s body shape makes her dance line look good,” said netizens. “Seriously, she looks like a Barbie doll,” another commented. “His body looks better than a mannequin…” added another.

In other news, Lisa took part in the recent CELINE 14 WOMEN WINTER 22 fashion show. Combined with a classic CELINE bag, sunglasses, and stunning shoes, Lisa took to the runway like a pro.
Lisa’s appearance at the CELINE 14 WOMEN WINTER 22 fashion show made her fans and netizens praise her. Not even a few praised that the way the Thai idol walked was better than the model Kendall Jenner.


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