BLACKPINK Jisoo cursed because of cellphones, those who are demanded to act immediately

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In regards to the recent BLACKPINK cell phone issue, Jisoo is the member who got the most hateful comments for showing off her iPhone.

BLACKPINK (Black Pink) has been the target of hate in recent days because of the cellphone problem. Jisoo is the member who gets the worst hate comments for showing off her iPhone.

All Jisoo did was upload her recent selfie to Instagram. With her hair in a ponytail and one side of her face showing, Jisoo shared the photo with the caption, “Wow, I hardly changed (phone). New phone, cute case.”

While the post was originally meant to update her followers on her current life, some netizens started hunting down Jisoo with unwarranted hatred. That’s because he changed his cell phone to an iPhone.

BLACKPINK was previously Samsung’s model for the Galaxy A80 brand phone. Even though their contract with Samsung ended in August 2020, it seems that some netizens are still having issues with Jisoo and her phone now.

As soon as Jisoo’s selfie was posted, the comments section started to fill with hate comments about her lack of “loyalty” to Samsung. Many criticized Jisoo with various scathing comments and harsh curses.

BLACKPINK Jisoo Becomes a Hate Target for Cellphone Problems, YG Demands Immediate Action

However, hate comments are considered confusing, because many previous selfies showed Jisoo using an iPhone. In addition, Jennie, Rose and Lisa are also iPhone users, both during and after their Samsung contracts are over.

“Are they still under contract with Samsung? If not, what’s the problem?” netizen comments. “So just because they’re under contract with Samsung means they can’t take selfies on iPhones?” added another netizen. “They are just jealous of Jisoo,” wrote netizens.

“Their contracts expired centuries ago so why did they become like this. There are too many strange people in this world. YG, you must act immediately. Sue all these strange people,” said another. “Why do they care so much about the cellphones that other people use,” concluded another.

Meanwhile, Jisoo immediately greeted fans through her new drama, “Snowdrop”. The drama will premiere sometime in December 2021.