‘AGT’ Finale: Season 16 Winner Predictions — Vote For Winning Act

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‘AGT’ Finale: Season 16 Winner Predictions — Vote For Winning Act

The battle for the America’s Got Talent Grand Prix this season went back to two stand-up comedians, two magicians, an aerialist, a martial arts group, and more singers than we can count.

The 10 remaining acts had one last chance to win audience votes in the live finals on Tuesday before the winner is finally announced on Wednesday (NBC, 9 / 8c).

There are the aerialist Aidan Bryant, the tough Brooke Simpson, the magician Dustin Tavella, the comedian Gina Brillon, the pop singer Jimmie Herrod, the funny man Josh Blue, the quick-change artist Lea Kyle, the singing group Northwell Nurse Choir, the tiny powerhouse Victory Brinker and the High-Flying World Taekwondo Demo. Team.

So which of these 10 hopefuls will win this cash and get their own Las Vegas residence? Historically, most of AGT’s previous winners have been singers, magicians, or stand-up comedians, which explains why most of the remaining acts fall into one of these three categories.

And since AGT recently touted its popular YouTube channel on the air, it’s worth noting that those numbers are important when making predictions as well. While most acts uploaded by AGT garner hundreds of thousands of views, quick-change artist Kyle has consistently attracted more than a million eyeballs. In fact, her first time on the AGT stage – the routine that earned her a golden buzzer – has been viewed more than 11 million times.

Below, we invite you to vote in two separate polls and choose the Act that you believe should win Season 16 and the Act that you expect to win regardless. (Let’s be honest, the two aren’t always the same.)

Take a minute to remember who’s left – you can click here for a full breakdown – then Cast your vote in the polls below. And while you’re down there, leave a comment with your thoughts as we move into the final hours of AGT Season 16.