Aespa’s ‘Savage’ Sales in First Week Revealed, Highest Among SM Girl Groups

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On the chart released by Hanteo, the mini album ‘Savage’ sold 147 thousand copies only on the first day. Its Sales Almost Doubled On The 7th Day After Release.
Continuing the success of “Next Level”, AESPA has just made a comeback with a new mini album titled “Savage” and is currently busy with promotional activities. The group has once again achieved achievements through their latest work.

Recently, Hanteo revealed the sales figures for the mini-album “Savage” in the first week of its release. Released on October 5, the mini album has sold 276 thousand copies in 7 days.

On the chart released by Hanteo, the mini-album “Savage” sold 147,000 copies in just the first day. Its sales nearly doubled on the 7th day after its release. Given that aespa is currently still undergoing promotional activities, it is certain that “Savage” sales figures will still increase with online fansigns and other events.

The sales figures for the first week of the mini album “Savage” did not escape the attention of netizens on the Instiz online community site. They are busy giving praise to the 4-member girl group.

“Wow, that’s amazing,” commented netizens. “Aespa is really a great rookie gru. All albums and songs are good,” said another netizen. “They sold their first album like this,” said a netizen. “Wow, amazing aespa. Both albums and music sources have good value,” added another.

“Wow, the best,” praised netizens. “Wow, that’s the best. You sold it very well. I hope we get more than 300 thousand copies next time,” another commented. “Wow, it’s incredibly cool,” said netizens. “Wow, amazing, they sell a lot,” added another.

Aespa’s gain through the first week sales of “Savage” also signifies that they broke the record as the SM girl group with the most first week sales. In addition, the music video for “Savage” has garnered 70 million views in 6 1/2 days since its release.