Aespa Outperforms IU To Become The Most Wanted Celebrity Of The Soldiers During Winter

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Korean Soldiers Choose Celebrities They Want During ‘Winter Mission’ And Polling Results Show That Aespa Beats IU And Footballer Son The Korean Defense Daily released the “November Military Chart” on Wednesday (24/11). The survey was conducted from October 27 to November 14 through “THE CAMP”, the communications service for the Korean Armed Forces. The survey attracted the participation of 718 soldiers.
As a result, military soldiers named the girl group aespa as the No.1 star they wanted. In November, aespa was chosen by 102 soldiers (14.2%) to be the No.1 star on the Military Chart “the star you want to be with during winter missions”.
aespa received the most votes from soldiers for various reasons, such as “My favourites”, “They are so beautiful”, or “My motivation for military life”. Among the aespa members, many soldiers mention Winter and say his name will suit the mission during the winter.

Private Park of the No.5 Armored Brigade Unit told Defense Daily, “If I could see Winter’s aespa beside me just in case, the minus 20 degrees chill could feel like warm temperatures.”
IU is in 2nd place with 99 votes (13.8%). Meanwhile, No.3 was fromis_9 (72 votes, 10%), No.4 Son Heung-min (45 votes, 6.2%), and No.5 BLACKPINK (Black Pink) (36 votes, 5%). Ranks 6 to 10 are IZ*ONE (25 votes, 3.4%), Yoo Jae Seok (21 votes, 2.9%), Park Hyo Shin (18 votes, 2.5%), ITZY (13 votes, 1 .8%), and Lee Seung Gi (12 votes, 1.6%).

When asked about the training sessions soldiers would like to experience with their favorite stars, most of the answers stated winter training (112 votes, 15.5%). Meanwhile, Defense Daily’s “Military Chart” itself is a content that selects interesting topics among the various interests of military servicemen and provides a ranking based on the opinions of the soldiers.