Aespa feels the difficulty of filming the MV ‘Savage’, can’t stand laughing because of this

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With the frequent use of technology in their videos, of course there is some CGI. While the Final Effects Look Very Cool, The Process To Get There Can Be Very Complicated.
aespa is back with the highly anticipated “Savage”, and MY is already in love with the challenging song. The song has unique music, and fans of the eye-catching video can’t stop watching. As it turns out, some of the video’s biggest highlights were the hardest for the group to film.

With the frequent use of technology in their videos, of course there is some CGI. While the final effect looks really cool, the process to get there can be quite complicated.

Ningning personally felt this while filming her computer scene. In the MV “Savage”, the youngest member of Aespa sits on the big screen and interacts with the screen. While reacting to the MV with the other members, he couldn’t help but laugh as he recalled, “It was awkward doing it.”v

After the video finished, Ningning was given the opportunity to explain why that part of the video was so awkward for her. “I did this in the middle. I had to act while looking at the camera. It was very exciting. I did this (swiping) while looking at the camera and I thought the results were very good,” he said.

Ningning isn’t the only member testing the limits of her imagination as the whole group has to act with her digitally added co-star, Nævis. Nævis is a group AI assistant and therefore doesn’t exist physically but can come alive in video with technology.

To make it appear early is a little more difficult. Karina explained, “The director told us to look into an empty room and smile.” The members tried their best to put it together, but Karina further explained that “In an empty room, the person who shot our behind-the-scenes video was there.”

They gave their best, but in the end, Giselle admitted that they couldn’t help but laugh at how absurd the situation was. “When shooting scenes with Nævis, we were supposed to shoot smiling scenes. In those scenes we literally laughed. Holding back laughter!” Giselle exclaimed.

While it might be hard for the aespa members to imagine all this stuff, in the end it’s worth it for their awesome video. Meanwhile, AESPA is currently still busy with promotional activities.