Aespa Comeback Outfit Specially Designed by SM, It’s Not Beautiful

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One of Aespa’s Comeback Outfits Designed by SM Entertainment’s Stylists Especially For Them. The Members Look More Beautiful Because The Stylist Pays Attention To Each Member’s Body Shape.

aespa recently made a comeback releasing their first physical album, “Savage.” One of the outfits they wore was apparently designed by SM Entertainment.

The outfit in question is the Aespa outfit in one of the concept photos for the “Savage” comeback. Karina and friends look amazing in this white dress.

This aespa outfit was apparently designed by SM Entertainment’s stylists specifically for aespa. The members look more beautiful because the stylist pays attention to each member’s body shape.

This Outfit was designed by SM specifically for aespa, it’s said to be less beautiful 1

It is said that this SM stylist has also designed Red Velvet and IU’s outfits. Many feel that SM really cares about the Aespa outfit for this comeback.

Unfortunately, this outfit did not get a very positive response. Netizens said that it was like a gymnastics costume. But there are also those who think the costumes are beautiful.

This Outfit was designed by SM specifically for aespa, it’s said to be less beautiful 2

“Like the costumes of Chinese skaters,” commented netizens. “Putting aside whether the clothes are beautiful or not, I envy how coordi treat their clothes like that,” added another netizen. “Am I the only one who doesn’t like those clothes? They look good because someone is wearing them,” wrote netizens.

“It’s not very good as an outfit, yes, like a skater outfit, but maybe it fits the concept of aespa as an avatar character,” said a netizen. “This does look very similar to the figure skater outfit, but it’s better than their debut outfit,” said another. “The members make the clothes look good,” concluded another.

Meanwhile, Lee Soo Man took an active role in the production of “Savage,” including small details. Aespa comeback times also scored many achievements, including in terms of physical album sales.