10/18 AEW Dark Elevation results: Bailin’s review of Ryu Mizunami, KiLynn King, and Red Velvet vs. Nyla Rose, Emi Sakura, and Diamante, Dustin Rhodes vs. Gustavo, Wardlow vs. Will Austin, Jaka and Sean Maluta vs. Santana and Ortiz

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By Abundant Bailin, ProWrestling.net Factor (@RichBailin)

AEW Dark: Elevation (episode 33)
Tackled October 13, 2021 in Miami, Florida at the James L Knight Facility
Streamed on October 18, 2021 on the AEW YouTube web page

Tony Schiavone claimed, “It’s Monday and you understand what that suggests, it’s Elevation,” and claimed Paul Wight and Mark Henry would certainly comment. Wight claimed he really felt underdressed due to the fact that Henry was clothed. Henry claimed he wondered concerning what Gustavo resembled (that was currently in the ring) and after that sent it to sound commentator Justin Roberts.

1. Gustavo versusDustin Rhodes Rhodes held up his hand to tremble hands, however Gustavo put it away. A brief time later on, Rhodes fulfilled Gustavo with his powerslam and after that secured a dual underhook in a bang for the pinfall. Schiavone called it the Backlund Motorist …

Dustin Rhodes beats Gustavo by pinfall in 1:30.

Bailins malfunction: An extremely fast display for Dustin Rhodes that most likely does not also require a display suit at this moment in his profession. He has actually just played 2,600 video games in his profession (according to Schiavone). Still, it was excellent to provide Dustin a win prior to handling Bryan Danielson on Dynamite in the Remover event this Saturday.

2. Will Austin versusWardlow Wardlow pestered Austin with a power bomb at an early stage and followers shouted that he must do it around once more. Wardlow appeared like he would certainly, however rather propped Austin on the leading rope and struck the battle target for the knockout success.

Wardlow beat Will Austin by ko in 1:40.

Bailins malfunction: An additional fast display for Wardlow.

3. Jaka and Sean Maluta versusSantana and Ortiz Santana serviced Jaka to begin the suit and relocated toOrtiz Jaka eloped of a dual history effort however was struck by a press fromSantana Jaka placed Santana on the ropes and Maluta hit Santana in the back. When Santana transformed, Jaka had the ability to strike Santana with a dual ax take care of. Jaka after that relocated toMaluta Maluta and Jaka sent out Santana to the edge, however Santana jumped over Maluta and fulfilledJaka Santana after that relocated to Dual Group Maluta in Ortiz.

Ortiz sent out Maluta to the edge, however Maluta evaded as Ortiz encountered it. Ortiz obtained captured on the ropes and was struck with a drive-by kick by Jaka, complied with by a Samoan decline fromMaluta Maluta made the day, after that Maluta and Jaka Ortiz met trains in the edge. At Some Point Ortiz made the day and Santana got rid of the ring fromJaka and Maluta Jaka sent out Santana to the edge, however Ortiz captured Santana and whipped him so he might strike Jaka with a cutter. Ortiz after that struck a lung blower complied with by a press fromSantana Santana and Ortiz after that fulfilled their finisher on Jaka, currently called OIC or Laid out in Chalk.

Santana and Ortiz beat Jaka and Sean Maluta in 5:00.

Bailins malfunction: There was a weird adjustment at the start of this video game. After the efficiency we saw Santana go out of the ring, when we listened to the bell ring, Jaka and Ortiz stood up and Ortiz was out and concerning inSantana This was extra of a back and forth suit than I anticipated. Obviously, the result was never ever doubtful, nevertheless still excellent to see a bit even more competitors.

fourth Ryo Mizunami, KiLynn King and Red Velvet vs. Nyla Rose, Diamante and Emi Sakura (with Lulu Pencil, Vickie Guerrero). Nyla’s triad carried out to her songs, while the Red Velvet group carried out to her songs. Mizunami won the Beyond the Sea champion from seedling promo in Japan. Mizunami and Diamante began the suit. Mizunami instantly sent out Diamante to the edge and hacked her numerous times. Mizunami switched over to King, that struck Diamante in the edge with a set of knees. King grabbed Diamante, however Diamante had the ability to present and draw King right into the edge so she might capture Sakura.

Sakura threw King by the hair, however King recuperated rapidly and had the ability to link Velvet on. Velvet remained in control up until a begin the pit of her belly quit her swing. Sakura after that struck Velvet with her standing, choking backbreaker. Sakura after that secured Velvet in the bow and arrowhead, after that struck Velvet with her edge sprinkle prior to changing Rose. Rose buffooned King and Mizunami by not permitting Velvet to identify, Rose after that defeated King and Mizunami, permitting Velvet to dropkick Rose.

Velvet’s kick sent out Rose right into her edge to venture out. Diamante climbed up the leading rope, however Velvet struck her and struck a Spanish fly however could not hide. Velvet and Diamante both mosted likely to Mizunami and Rose. Mizunami struck Rose with a spear and after that Diamante with a shoulder deal with. Sakura can be found in and struck Mizunami continuously in the face. Diamante and Sakura sent out Mizunami on the ropes, however Mizunami had the ability to lance them both. Rose clothesline Mizunami, however Mizunami did not drop on the card.

Rose attempted an additional clothesline, however Mizunami eluded and struck Rose with a uranage for a 2 matter, which Sakura and Diamante divided. King got rid of Diamante and Sakura from the ring and after that marched of the ring. King Blind actioned in and attempted to suplex Rose. Rose eloped and after that pressed King onto the ropes where Diamante was waiting and got King’s legs. Rose after that got King and struck the Monster Bomb for the pinfall, while Sakura and Diamante protected against Velvet and Mizunami from ruining it.

Nyla Rose, Diamante and Emi Sakura beat Ryo MIzunami, KiLynn King and Red Velvet by pinfall in 7:00.

Bailins malfunction: An excellent back and forth pair up to the Red Velvet Spanish Fly effort. It appeared like Velvet had actually harmed himself and from that factor on did not get in the suit, other than when Sakura protected against Velvet from ending up the last pinfall. I place that in quotes as Sakura had not been really doing anything and it appeared like Velvet was out. Extremely weird pairing of Rose, Diamante and Sakura, however it will interest see where it leads, if in all. You are most definitely not the Joshi delay I listened to reports concerning for Sakura.

Generally, an alright episode of Elevation today. It was a brief 25 min watch so it does not injured if you have a long time to eliminate. Or else a really missable episode.

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